7 Comforting Ways to Remember a Loved One ...


There are so many positive ways to remember a loved one that we have lost. It doesn't have to be entirely about grief. Of course it is sad to lose someone we loved, but there can be a lot of comfort in thinking about them. Here are some comforting ways to remember a loved one …

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Follow Their Example

One of the best ways to remember a loved one is to honor their memory by following their example. Did your granddad always help people out, or your mom always told you to work hard and achieve your best? Whatever they did that was positive, helpful and smart, do likewise and transfer the lessons they taught you to your present life.


Make a Donation

When you lose someone dear to you, a comforting way of dealing with it can be by making a donation in their memory. Many bereaved families ask for donations instead of flowers. Choose a charity that was close to their heart, or that helps something they believed in. The size of the donation isn't important; it helps to know that you have made even a small difference.


Their Clothes

Sorting through the clothes of a loved one is something that many people find difficult to tackle. When you feel ready, pick out some clothes that remind you most of the wearer. If they're not the style that you would choose, you could refashion them into something new. Another beautiful way of preserving someone's memory is to turn their clothes into a quilt that you can continue to enjoy.


Plant a Tree

Planting a tree is a wonderful way of remembering someone. If you plant the tree in your own garden, you will be able to sit by it and think of them. If you don't have a garden you can still plant a tree in their memory, if indirectly. Trees are an excellent way of helping the environment, and there are many organisations who will plant a tree in memory of your loved one in return for a donation.



People often think that remembering someone should be done in a sober fashion. It's seen as disrespectful to laugh. I don't agree. Thinking of the things that made you laugh about someone is, in my view, the perfect way to remember them. Memories should be positive and happy.


Enjoy Life

Enjoying your life is also a good tribute to people you loved. We only get one life, and it's important to make the most of it. So if your loved one enjoyed a party, have one in their honor and raise a glass to them. It's pretty certain that they would want you to enjoy your life even if they are gone.



Finally, why not consider sponsoring an animal in the name of your loved one? There are thousands of animals in municipal shelters that face being PTS. Your sponsorship could save an animal by helping fund a foster home or any medical treatment it needs. Children overseas also need sponsors to help fund their education and healthcare.

Losing someone dear to you is incredibly painful, but doing something in their memory helps alleviate that sorrow. It won't bring them back, but it does help to know that you have done something positive. What is your favorite way of remembering a loved one?

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