What Are the Symbolic Meanings of Your Favorite Colors?

There are so many symbolic meanings of colors when you really take the time to look. I definitely enjoy symbols and am someone that looks for hidden meanings of things. We dress in colors, we see colors every day of our lives (inside our homes and outside in nature), and they do affect our moods. Some colors weโ€™re drawn to, while others we find unappealing and unattractive. Iโ€™m hoping to provide you with some symbolic meanings of colors that arenโ€™t just part of the rainbow, our aura or the chakras.

1. Black

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When looking at the symbolic meanings of colors, black is probably one of the most intriguing colors that springs to mind, as it isnโ€™t a color. As we know, itโ€™s a combination of all the colors in the spectrum and is traditionally worn when mourning the death of a loved one (in the west that is). However, itโ€™s becoming more of a color seen at weddings and isnโ€™t given the cold shoulder that it once was. It is a formal color (think suits and black-tie events) and symbolizes mystery, sexuality, sophistication, power and elegance all at once. Negatively however, it can symbolize unfriendliness and can also be intimidating.

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