8 Colorful Reasons to Watch Hells Kitchen ...

Hell's Kitchen is one of those shows that you either love it or you hate it – after this post, I'm gonna make you love it! I am a sucker for any trashy reality TV show, but I have been religiously watching this show since the first season. There is so much to love about Hell's Kitchen I know that after reading this, you're gonna want to see exactly what I am talking about! Below, I'm going to detail out 8 of the most colorful reasons why Hell's Kitchen should be on your 'Top TV Show' list!

1. Gordon Ramsey

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I am in love with this man. No. Seriously. I am in love with him and I seriously do watch every single show that he is in but Hell's Kitchen is by far the best. Not only does he let loose, but he really let's loose and makes sure to cause a lot of the drama in the show (not that the participates are innocent either). If you are thinking of becoming a chef in the near future, you should definitely watch this show and see what you might have to deal with in the kitchen.

2. The Drama of Hell's Kitchen

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Oh, oh oh how I love drama. While Jersey Shore might take the cake for drama in trashy reality TV shows, how can you not love all of the British yelling, cursing and slamming/breaking of dishes on Hell's Kitchen? This is honest to goodness one of the main reasons why I watch the show (after Gordon Ramsey of course).

3. The Hook-Ups

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So as with any 'team' reality shows, this is typically split up with boys versus girls and when you do that, you have to expect some hook-ups. In this season Carrie and Brendan are the ones that hooked up. Not only was Carrie flirting with the enemy, but it looks like they actually did the deed too. Guess what happened after that? Spoiler alert – Brendan went home. It's this kind of drama that makes this show worth it!

4. The Yelling

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I'm not gonna lie, I would hate Gordon if he was my boss. He constantly degrades the chefs, swears at them, yells at them and calls them everything under the sun – but he's not my boss so I love it! He yells about everything, whether you forgot a garnish or if something is under/over cooked. Gordon has impossible standards and if you can't take the heat – get outta the kitchen!

5. The Guests

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In almost every single service at least – at least five tables leave without eating because Gordon will not let anything leave his kitchen without it being perfect. I have always wondered are these people told beforehand that they might not eat? If any of you have watched the show, you know that people generally get mad when they haven't received their entrees after waiting 2 hours. Personally, I think I would stick it out just to see Gordon blow up a little more on his chefs but that's just me!

6. The Challenges

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The challenges are not easy. You have to wake up at impossible hours and cook for hundred of kids only to have them trash the entire restaurant. You also have the taste test which Gordon has done in every single season, so if your palette is not up to par, you'll end up on the punishment side of the challenge. This brings me to the punishments for not winning these incredibly hard challenges...

7. The Punishments

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Wow, I would not have to stomach to do some of these punishments that Gordon thinks up. He has his chefs doing everything from digging in the trash all the way to drinking blended steak shakes from their previous challenge. It is a little morbid some of the things that Gordon makes these people do but I have to ask myself – did they want the previous seasons? They had to know what they were signing up for!

8. The Suspense

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I am so into this show that the suspense kills me every single time that it gets down to the wire and the winner is about to be announced. Typically, in the first episode I pick out which one I want to win and when they go home, I have a back-up plan but the suspense of who is going home each week kills me! Hell's Kitchen is one show that I honestly never miss. Ever.

So there you have it ladies, that is my list of 8 reasons why you should watch Hell's Kitchen. It has everything that you want out of a good show: drama, hooking up and a hot main star – our dear Gordon Ramsey. Hell's Kitchen is my guilty pleasure, what are some of yours – do you watch any trashy reality TV shows? If so, share 'em here! I'm dying to know that I am not the only one that loves reality shows!

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