7 Clever Tattoos for People Who Love Literature ...


7 Clever Tattoos for People Who Love Literature ...
7 Clever Tattoos for People Who Love Literature ...

If you’re an avid reader, you’ll be interested in tattoos for people who love literature. There are tons of possibilities, so you’re not limited to one specific item. If you want a tattoo, you need to pick something you’ll want forever. Even if you’re not into ink, you can still appreciate the beauty of these tattoos for people who love literature.

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Cutesy Quill and Ink

Cutesy Quill and Ink If you prefer Victorian literature to modern writing, you’ll be interested in old fashioned writing implements. A quill and ink look classy and have a traditional feel to them. A quill and ink are perfect tattoos for people who love literature. They can be drawn in limitless positions, so you’ll feel like your drawing is unique. The quill can be inside of the ink jar or in a person’s hand. The jar can be upright or toppled over. Anything you want, you can have.


Quality Quotes

Quality Quotes What’s your favorite quote from a novel or poem? Do you love it enough to get it permanently embedded in your skin? You can get it written on you in script or print, in a straight line or in the shape of a heart. Tattoos are meant to be meaningful, so pick a quote that speaks to you. If it inspires you or comforts you, you can always look down at it to feel better.

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Bounteous Books

Bounteous Books You can get a tattoo of a stack of books or a single book. It can be opened or closed, it can be colorful or all black. If you have a favorite novel, you can have the cover recreated on your skin. A book tattoo is a simple way to show your love for literature. What could be more straightforward?

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Powerful Punctuation Marks

Powerful Punctuation Marks Do you have a favorite punctuation mark? If you do, think about whether it would look good on your skin. You can get a semicolon or the & symbol tattooed onto you. Some people get quotation marks on different parts of their bodies, like both of their shoulder blades or wrists.

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Pretty Pictures

Pretty Pictures You can pay homage to your favorite novel by getting an artist’s representation of one of the characters or scenes. You can even get an object that is meaningful to the story. If the object or character is well known, then everyone will instantly know what your tattoo means. Even if they don’t know without asking, what does it matter? Your tattoos are meant to please you and only you.

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Thinker's Typewriter

Thinker's Typewriter If you’re looking for a larger tattoo, you can get one of a typewriter. Paper can be inside of the machine with words from your favorite book, or words of your own creation. If you want something small, you can get a piece of a typewriter. A few keys will represent the same thing, without having the entire machine tattooed onto you. Just make sure that whatever you choose is something you adore.

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Dandy Definitions

Dandy Definitions If there’s a particular word that you’re a fan of, why not get a tattoo of it? Just make sure it’s meaningful enough for you to keep forever. Many people get inspirational words like ‘hope’ or ‘dream,' but you can get whatever means the most to you. If you want more than a single word, then include the dictionary definition of it. It’ll create a larger tattoo that is a bit more unique.

Whether or not you’re a tattoo person, you can still appreciate the beauty of the artwork. Do you have any literary tattoos? Are you planning on getting any?

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That Harry potter one is sick!!

Like all

I want to get an alice in wonderland tattoo maybe one that says curiouser and curiouser or were all mad here

Google Mehndi or Henna for health.

These are beautiful!

I think getting a punctuation mark tattoo is a bit dumb. (Sorry to anyone who likes/has a punctuation mark tattoo) it's very random and doesn't have much meaning behind it.

Love these

I love number 3!

The color and detail in that rabbit tattoo is just awesome!

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