7 Charming Ideas for a First Tattoo ...

If you know you’re ready to tat up your body, but don’t have any ideas for a first tattoo, it may be smart to start small. Even if you love the idea of having tattoos, you may be shocked by the drastic transformation to your body if you return from your first trip to a tattoo parlor with your arms completely covered in tattoos! To ensure a quick and painless adjustment period to your body’s latest addition, consider these ideas for a first tattoo.

1. Arrows

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Arrows became increasingly popular ideas for a first tattoo in 2013. Maybe we have Katniss Everdeen to thank for that, but regardless arrows are a charming idea for your first ink. The rule with arrow tattoos is the tinier, the better! Tattooing an arrow onto your finger or wrist can get you used to the idea of having ink fused with your skin, but not overwhelm your eyes.

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