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If you know you’re ready to tat up your body, but don’t have any ideas for a first tattoo, it may be smart to start small. Even if you love the idea of having tattoos, you may be shocked by the drastic transformation to your body if you return from your first trip to a tattoo parlor with your arms completely covered in tattoos! To ensure a quick and painless adjustment period to your body’s latest addition, consider these ideas for a first tattoo.

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Arrows Arrows became increasingly popular ideas for a first tattoo in 2013. Maybe we have Katniss Everdeen to thank for that, but regardless arrows are a charming idea for your first ink. The rule with arrow tattoos is the tinier, the better! Tattooing an arrow onto your finger or wrist can get you used to the idea of having ink fused with your skin, but not overwhelm your eyes.


Arrows not only symbolize direction and movement but also have a deeper meaning of progress and achieving one's goals. Small, discreet arrows on the ankle or behind the ear make for a subtle yet powerful statement for those stepping into the world of tattoos. It's a beautiful symbol that can remind the wearer to keep moving forward, no matter the challenges ahead. Choosing this simple yet elegant design is perfect for those who want a tattoo that is both meaningful and fashionable.



Birds To many people, birds represent freedom and the ability to fly away from life’s greatest troubles. Birds are delicate creatures with impressive endurance and a deep connection with other members of their species. So why not dedicate your first tattoo to these magnificent creatures? While some people may have entire flocks of birds tattooed across their backs, for your first tattoo you could simply get one or two birds tattooed on your wrist or shoulder blade. I'm certain you'll grow to love your new tattoo!


Roman Numeral Date

Roman Numeral Date Does a special date stand out in your memory? It could be the anniversary of someone’s marriage, death, or birth, but no matter what, it’s a date that means something to you. If you’re struggling to find a charming idea for your first tattoo, a Roman numeral date can be a great starting place. The simple black font won’t overwhelm you, but rather help you adjust to the idea of having tattoos. If you like your Roman numeral tattoo and want more, you can always add to its simple design.


Maiden Name

Maiden Name Your maiden name is what defines you for a long time in your life; it’s your main source of identity until you’re married. But when you marry the person of your dreams, you don’t simply want to discard your former identity, do you? A way to always remember who you are and where you came from is to have your maiden name tattooed onto your body. If you don’t like the way your last name looks, you can always translate it into another language that makes it look more pleasant.



Dreamcatcher A simple and trendy design for your first tattoo could be a dream catcher. You can get a dream catcher in any shape or size, and it will look great no matter what! Dreamcatchers are such neutral designs that you won't ever regret getting one tattooed. So if after getting your first tattoo you decide you never want another one, you’ll at least have one lovely tattoo to decorate your body.



Virtue If a certain virtue has always stood out to you, or has become increasingly important in your life as you've grown older, why not get it tattooed? Having words like “loyalty,” “honesty,” or “patience” tattooed onto your wrist or hands will get you used to the idea of having a little ink underneath your skin. You’ll see it every time you wash your hands, but won’t be shocked by how different you look. If the word is petite and simple, eventually you’ll get so accustomed to it that you’ll be ready to get your second and third tattoos in no time!


Zodiac Sign

Zodiac Sign Not everyone believes in astrology as much as the next person, but if stars and their relationship to us fascinate you, you should consider getting your zodiac sign as your first tattoo! Your sign never changes, so it’s a fabulous idea for your first tattoo. Plus, it doesn’t take up too much space and, depending on where you get it, you may be able to cover it up rather easily. If you want to get even more unique, you can get your Chinese zodiac sign tattooed. This is a little different from the more commonly known astrological system, but you can easily find out your animal sign here: astrology.com.au.

Getting your first tattoo is no easy decision. Once you tattoo your body, you’re marked for life. So you’d better make sure your first tattoo is something you love and feel comfortable with. If you’ve already begun tatting up your body, which tattoo was your first? Which tattoo is your favorite?

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Dreamcatcher is a lovely idea, but i really love the zodiac signs the best

I have four! Great article btw! First was zodiac on wrist second was three birds on left shoulder blade. Third was stars and music symbol on right foot. Fourth is butterfly in right shoulder blade. I love them all!!!! Roman numerals and dream catcher I've thought of too. But fifth will be the lotus flower.

Dreamcatcher sounds nice

I want to get one when I am 18

Good ideas

you can look up different tattoo styles if you know the kind you enjoy. there are geometric ones that look cool as hell. symbolic images. artistic ones. just gotta do the research. personally these ones are too cookie cutter for me.

I'm thinking about tattoos that have meaning to me and I really want to get my zodiac, a simple tree with a ring around it, and I definitely want a butterfly on my wrist.

If you are going to get a tattoo ladies, add a little more of yourself into it than picking your tattoo off of a website. You will love for the rest of your life, not for the next few years.

I was actually thinking of getting my zodiac sign tattooed, because, in a way, that represents who I am.

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