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7 Celebs That Would Make a Better President than Kanye ...

By Jennifer

Not that I don't think four years with Kanye as Commander in Chief wouldn't be interesting (to say the least), but there are a few celebs I'd vote for in 2020 before I'd pick him. Here are a few of those Oval Office-worthy celebs.

1 George Clooney

George ClooneySure, he's handsome, and would make a great-looking leader of the free world, but he's also got Amal as his first lady, which is quite wonderful in and of itself. She's brilliant, passionate about human rights, and gorgeous to boot.

2 Angelina Jolie

Angelina JolieShe'd make an excellent first woman president, assuming, of course, Hillary doesn't win in 2016. Sure, she's had her fair share of scandal, but she's also got a wealth of experience with the UN and so much respect for women, children, and refugees, you know her policies would focus on compassion and equality, two things the world could always use more of.


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3 Tina Fey

Tina FeyOkay, if not Angelina, how about Tina? She's wicked smart and funny... and BOSSY. I have a feeling "bossy" is one of the job requirements for President.

4 Jon Stewart

Jon StewartTo say the least, Jon is very politically aware. He'd bridge the gaps of diplomacy using wit, sarcasm, and a surprisingly large amount of heart.

5 Colin Firth

Colin FirthI know a Brit can't hold the highest office in the land, but I'm sure we could overcome that roadblock to elect Firth. He's got oodles of dignity, he gives a mean speech (see Pride & Prejudice and/or The King's Speech) and he's very Presidential-looking.

6 Oprah

OprahPeople adore her, she's got the money to spend on getting elected, and she knows everything there is to know about building a (media) empire.

7 Tom Hanks/Harrison Ford

Tom Hanks/Harrison FordI'd vote for either of these actors for the same reason: they're just the best at playing/being the "good guys" and Ford even has experience playing an American president. Both would look very dignified at state events, and both would be able to ask for ridiculous things in treaty negotiations while keeping a straight face.

Would you vote for any of these celebs? Or is there another celeb who's stolen your heart (and your vote)?

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