9 Cat Personalities We All Identify with ...

They say that dog is man's best friend, but the wide spectrum of cat personalities is something we can all relate to. Dogs tend to be very similar when it comes to personality, but you never know what type of cat you'll get when you pick up that sweet, innocent kitten. While cat personalities may be very different from dog personalities, they are similar to human personalities. I've chosen nine that we can all relate to in honor of a cat's β€œnine lives.”

1. The Curious Cat

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Cat personalities like this one are common, hence the phrase β€œcuriosity killed the cat.” People with this cat personality are excessively nosy and love to gossip. They seem to have the latest dish on everything and promise that in exchange for information, they'll keep your secrets. Just remember: if someone is willing to talk to you about someone, they'll talk to someone about you.

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