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Can Social Media Really Help You Get Ahead? ...

By Vanessa

Social media has launched the careers of many successful people. Take Bethany Mota for example;, she started off making YouTube videos in her room and is now on the Dancing With The Stars stage. Crazy, huh? Social media gives you the power to connect with millions of people and share your views on whatever it is you're passionate about. Check out some of the ways that you can use social media to help you get ahead:

1 Brand Awareness

Twitter and Instagram are the best places for self-promo. You have the power to share everything you see, create, think of, etc. You can promote your professional image however you like but make sure you're showing off the real you - it'll make people love you! If you're an entrepreneur, you can share all your ideas on these social media accounts and the more people latch onto them, the more authentic you'll look.

2 Networking Strategy

Social media is perfect for networking. When beginning a job search, you can search Facebook and Twitter for hashtags that might indicate a job opening, such as #Hiring. Start interacting with them on Twitter and get your name out there! It shows initiative and will make the company interested in you! Note: make sure you don't have any inappropriate tweets on your profile, just in case they want to check your page.

3 Follow People in Your Industry

Stay up to date with industry news by following big names in your field. Start chatting them up (in moderation, of course) and learn from them. They'll be more than happy to answer some questions and give you advice on how to further your career. Who knows, if they like you enough, they might even want to hire you!

How do you use social media to help you get ahead?

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