Calling All '90s Kids: 7 Retro Pieces That'll Spice up Your Pad ...

If you remember the good old days when staying up to watch "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" meant that you were brave and you could travel back in time by playing the ocarina instead of riding in a wicked cool police box, you may want to prepare yourself for these awesome retro pieces. Whether you were obsessed with your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles blanket or rocked a Pink Power Rangers costume on any and every occasion (guilty as charged), there's no doubt that you're a true '90s kid at heart. But, here's a fair warning: These rad '90s inspired retro pieces will give you so many feels and make your space feel a little more like home at the same time!

1. Pac Man Throw Pillow

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Stop what you're doing right now! If you have ever needed a reason to check out some cool retro pieces (because who wouldn't want to kick it old school?), this is it! Grab this throw pillow right from PinkPopPolkaDot's page on Etsy, which is the home of amazing vintage and DIY finds.

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