7 Breathtaking Artists to Watch in 2014 ...

Nothing sparks debate and divides opinion quite like art, but whatever your personal preference, there are some individuals that we can agree are artists to watch. I am far from an art expert; I have little or no understating of styles and techniques, but there are times when art catches my eye, captures my imagination and evokes a feeling. And, for those reasons, in my complete novice opinion (!) here are captivating artists to watch.

1. Niki Pilkington

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My absolute favourite, and topping the list of contemporary artists to watch is this young illustrator from North Wales. Now living in New York, Niki maintains her Welsh roots in many of her illustrations by incorporating traditional Welsh sayings and Welsh rhymes into her work (as well as well-known English sayings). Her illustrations are breathtaking. The juxtaposition of elegant sketches, neon patterns and 3D components make her drawings unique, and perfect to adorn the walls of any contemporary home or university dorm – and even the eco-friendly canvas tote! Make sure you check out her Instagram account for sneak peeks! @nikipilkington

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