8 Books to Read This Summer ...

If you’re planning a vacation and need some great books to read this summer on your trip, then here is a list to get you started! There’s nothing like escaping for an hour or more with a great book during summertime. Generally, we have more room in our schedules for leisurely reading in summertime, and it can be a great way to wind down and relieve stress. Each spring, I always search for new books to read over the summer, so I thought I would share some you may want to look out for too! Enjoy!

1. Sisterland

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'Sisterland' is one of my top books to read this summer if you're looking for a true page turner. It follows two identical twin sisters with psychic abilities. Vi embraces this side of herself and eventually takes work as a psychic medium. Kate, on the other hand, is embarrassed and shuns that side of herself, which strains the relationship between the sisters. After a devastating earthquake, Vi goes on television to predict that another is coming. Kate, who is afraid her sister is right, must decide between the stable life she has built and the possibility of saving others with her sister. This book seems like such an interesting story and one that would be hard to put down. 'Sisterland' is to be released June 25, 2013.

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