7 Board Games You SHOULD Have on Hand ...

When you have kids, keeping them entertained becomes something you think about all the time, so having a variety of board games on hand is pretty important. No matter what age kids are, they all love to play games, especially if Mom and Dad play too. Not only are they entertaining, but playing games also teaches kids stuff, even if they don’t know they’re gaining knowledge. Sneaky, right? Check out my list of must-have board games, then let the good times roll.

1. Candy Land

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Candy Land tops my list of board games for several reasons. It doesn’t require reading so even toddlers can play. As long as your child can match colors and sit still, you’re good to go. I also love Candy Land because it doesn’t take too long to finish a round, so little ones won’t get bored before someone wins. Plus, you can always rig the game so your kid is the winner to prevent meltdowns. I’ve done it!

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