7 Birds and Animals Native to Australia ...

Similar to how there are species only found in Madagascar, there are some animals native to Australia not found anywhere else in the world in the wild. When Australia split from the ancient super-continent Pangea, it leant itself to be forever blessed with unique evolutionary processes. These processes resulted in some unusual, beautiful and enigmatic birds and animals native to Australia, like these for example:

1. Kangaroo

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Probably the most well known of the animals native to Australia, the kangaroos is also a national symbol. The kangaroo belongs to the marsupial group of mammals, which means they give birth to live young, carrying them in a pouch. There are actually around 60 different species of kangaroos, so not all joeys are equal. They are pack creatures, with a pack being known as a mob, they graze, are hardy to various habitats including the coastal lowlands and beaches, have extremely strong tails and leap huge distances, traveling at speeds up to 40mph. Wallabies are a close but smaller cousin.

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