Biggest 👐🏼 Email Mistakes 😖 That Could Ruin 👎🏼 Your Career 💸 ...


There's always that person in the office who copies the boss in on emails between employees-YUCK! It causes fear and more in the workplace. But, one thing worse than that, is the people or person who acts like the ones on this list by The Check it out to see if you're on it or if you can laugh because you know people that are.

1. "I Am Here, Really"

This is where email is used to tell colleagues near and far that you're actually at work. A random sharing of a document could do the trick, with a few words of insightful comment that show you're really on the case. There's also the "midnight express" version, sending round an email when everyone else with any sense is in the pub or their pyjamas. If I keep emailing they'll know I'm still here at work.

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