Best Video Games with Awesome Female Protagonists ...


Best Video Games with Awesome Female Protagonists ...
Best Video Games with Awesome Female Protagonists ...

Looking for the best video games with female protagonists?
The gaming industry has always been portrayed as a space for guys only, but that’s not necessarily true. Almost half of gamers are women and more and more games are coming out to reflect that fact. So here are the 10 best video games with female protagonists.

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Tomb Raider

A classic and arguably one of the first games that showed how kickass a girl could be in a video game. You play as Lara Croft, an archaeologist who travels around the world. Seeing how Tomb Raider is getting a new movie this year, now would be an excellent time to pick up the game. This is one of my favorite best video games with female protagonists.


The Portal Series

When the internet found out that the protagonist of this game was, in fact, a girl, they all collectively lost their mind. You play as Chell in this challenging puzzle game. But you never get the name of your character, she doesn’t even talk in the game. The only way you uncover the true backstory of the game is by finding secrets, which leads to multiple playthroughs. If you like puzzles, then this quirky game is worth playing.


Horizon Zero Dawn

The apocalypse is here and it’s full of robot dinosaurs? According to Horizon Zero Dawn, it is. In this breathtaking game, you play as Aloy, a fiery redhead who wants to figure out her past and becomes a hero in doing so. There are so many stories and side missions, so you’ll have hours upon hours of entertainment.


Metroid Series

Samus is one of the most iconic characters in video game history. The original space soldier, you fight aliens, solve puzzles and use a variety of weapons to win the game. Samus is one of the most recognized video game characters in the world because of how awesome she is. Pick up the game and see why.



Now technically this is a multiplayer game so you have options for who to play. But how cool is it that half of the player characters are women? Not to mention they’re women of all ages, ethnicities and body types. But the best part of Overwatch is that all characters are different and they all play differently. You can be a healing sniper or a teenager in a giant mecha. There’s something for everyone.


The Walking Dead

Ever wanted to feel like you were part of the popular show? Now with Telltale’s The Walking Dead, you can. The story centers on Clementine, a character that is not in the show. The game focuses on similar themes, the idea of preserving humanity in the middle of the zombie apocalypse.


Child of Light

This game is absolutely beautiful. It feels like you’ve stepped through a watercolor painting. You play as a young girl, trying to find her way back to her father, using the help of the many characters you meet along the way. The combat is turn-by-turn so it’s accessible for everyone to play and super easy to pick up.


Mirror’s Edge

Warning: you may get some serious vertigo playing this game because of how realistic it feels. Faith Connors lives in a dystopia, albeit a colorful one, where she is a messenger. With of the use of parkour, the player has to figure out how to get from one building to the next. It’s definitely a fun and rewarding challenge.


Dishonored 2

The sequel to the critically acclaimed Dishonored, you have a choice to play as the main character of the first game or the empress, Emily. If you choose to play as Emily, then you get an entirely different playthrough. You get different perks depending on how you choose to play the game, so be careful about how you get through the levels.


Resident Evil

Jill Valentine kicks off the long series of games in the original Resident Evil. Sent to investigate the ominous Umbrella Corp, you crash land and are forced to take refuge in an old mansion. What horrors await you there?

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