7 Best Picture Sharing Apps ...

Picture Sharing is quite popular among both amateur and professional shutterbugs, which is why I have an innate weakness for it. There are loads of websites I use to share my photos, but I've recently discovered a slew of apps that do the same thing, only I can use them for picture sharing on the go, anytime, anywhere — and I love them! If you're ready to take the plunge and start using a cool picture sharing app, but are intimidated by the hundreds there are to choose from, I can help! Here are my picks for the 7 best picture sharing apps.

1. Instagram

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Recently, President Obama started using Instgram, upping its coolness factor by at least ten points, as far as I'm concerned. I love how easy it is to use the app, with all of its filters. I love the feed, which allows me to see all of my friends' photos, to like and comment on them, and I also like how easy it is to do picture sharing from Instagram to Facebook and Twitter.

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