7 Best Essential Oils for a Stress-Free Life ...


7 Best Essential Oils for a Stress-Free Life ...
7 Best Essential Oils for a Stress-Free Life ...

The best essential oils can help relieve stress and have you living a better life. If you have never tried essential oils, check out this list of 7 best essential oils and see how they can help you find a stress-free life.

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Lavender is known to calm anxiety and help with tension. Whenever I am feeling anxious or tense I like to take a relaxing bath. I add a couple drops of lavender oil or use my favorite lavender bubble bath.



Chamomile is one of my best essential oils. It helps me relieve stress by calming me and allowing me to relax. I’m sure you have heard of chamomile tea. I love a little chamomile tea with honey to unwind from a busy day.



When I am feeling completely exhausted by stress I use a little jasmine oil. The easiest way to do this is by dabbing just a little oil behind my ears or on my wrist. The scent last with me through the day giving me energy and overcoming tiredness.



Juniper is another one of my best essential oils. I really enjoy the scent of juniper and it also helps reduce stress. I have a juniper candle that I light when I needed a little stress relief.



When I am feeling really overworked and stressed out I like to treat myself to a massage. I like when they use sandalwood oil. It has great soothing properties and helps relieve the tension in my muscles. It is one of the best essential oils for stress.



Sometimes I prefer to use drops of peppermint oil in my bath water. It’s another best essential oil for relieving stress and tension. Not only will the scent ease tension it is also good for opening up your sinuses and clearing mental fatigue.



Marjoram is also known for helping with stress. For a quick pick me you can dip a cotton ball in the oil and inhale deeply. Marjoram is also known to help with lowering blood pressure and is a common ingredient in gourmet cooking.

The best essential oils can be used in many ways. You can use them together or separately. The key is to find a way that works for you to relieve stress and help you feel better. What are some of your best essential oils? How do you use them?

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