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One of my newest favorite kitchen tools is my iPad and all of the cooking apps that come along with it! The iPad makes it so easy for me to view new recipes, organize my old recipes, and answer any cooking related questions I might have. So girls, if you haven't been using your tablet to help you in the kitchen, you've been missing out! Don't worry though, because I have listed 7 of the best cooking apps to show you in order to get you started!

1. Panna

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Panna is the first-ever video cooking magazine for the iPhone and iPad. Sorry Android and Windows users, but this app is not out for your devices yet! Inside each issue, you receive one free recipe and you can decide whether or not to buy the full issue. Panna brings the experts into your own kitchen, offering recipes that are not only easy but hand-picked by chefs! The Panna app itself is free to download, each individual issue of Panna is $4.99, and a full year’s subscription is $14.99. This is definitely one of the best cooking apps for someone who likes seeing step by step cooking tutorials.

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