78 Best 🎄 Christmas Gifts for the Home 🏡 ...

Whether you know someone who has a brand new house or there's someone on your gift list that has lived in the same place forever, something for the home is never a bad idea. Everyone loves making each room in their house special and welcoming and the items you'll find here are perfect, no matter your budget. Hey, don't forget to gift yourself too!

1. Mid Century Modern Eames Style RAR Patchwork Fabric Upholstered Rocking Rocker...

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Price: $150 at amazon.com

This Is What People Say:
Cool, inexpensive, and well-made. I bought it to use as an extra chair in the living room as well as as a rocker for the baby. Other rockers were large and bulky, ugly, or two to three times the price. I keep a sheepskin throw over it to make it extra soft, though it is comfortable enough without it. It is lightweight and somewhat petite so it can easily be a bedroom furniture piece as well.

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