The Benefits 👏 of Being Single ☝️ No One 🚫 Considers ...


There are loads of benefits of being single. It would seem that once you graduate, you have to get married, then have children. But if you don’t hop on the marriage and baby train, suddenly your life has no meaning. There’s more to life than falling into societal expectations. Here are all the best benefits of being single.

1. Independence/Self-Reliance

Sometimes when you have a man, you become dependent on him. However, when it's just you, you’re forced to take care of yourself. You’ll learn how to fix that leaky faucet or hook-up the TV and get the internet working. When it’s just you, you’ll learn things you never knew that you’ll carry wherever you go, whether you’re single or not. And that's definitely one of the best benefits of being single.

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