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Millennials and Generation Z are shaping the way many things in the modern world are perceived and handled. It’s no doubt that they have a say in how the future of many industries would look like. One of the sectors that they have had a great influence on is the beauty industry. If you’ve been keen, you’ll notice how much the beauty industry has transformed over the years. Most beauty product retailers have started taking more drastic measures to make the consumer experience as pleasurable as possible for their new, demanding clientele.

Bold palette color displays, cozy modern furniture, interior signage with exquisite design, backlit product shelves, and picturesque aesthetic patterns are just some of the ways beauty brands are jazzing up their stores. These days, walking into beauty shops is like walking into luxury hotels. Their layouts have been revamped to include homey lobbies, comfortable workspaces, and awe-striking product displays. Trends in interior design are also changing; thus, in order for brands to remain relevant, they have to change with them. Picture this; an indoor/outdoor nail salon whose centerpiece is a magnificent live wall that consists of exotic flora accentuated by a miniature waterfall. Couches are clustered together surrounding tiny coffee tables with piles of beauty magazines and patio furniture aligned on the outdoor parts. Unique art pieces hang on its walls which are of bold solid colors or have stunning patterns and textures. This is the benchmark for most beauty parlors and shops that have come with the onset of the 2020 decade.

New Players Are Coming in Hot
In every sector, there are always companies that are as stubborn as mules when it comes to embracing change; which is quite sad given how a change is as good as a rest. These same companies are the ones that are paving the way for new players to take over the market at their own expense. Like it or not, the world is transmuting into a digital one where information is shared within seconds over the internet. For seasoned brands who’ve chosen to remain with their outdated, formal shop layouts that have no creativity or vision whatsoever, the future looks rather bleak. Newcomers have embraced the modern outlook of the industry and are creating fun, whimsical, and unique auras in their stores. This has given them headway when it comes to attracting and retaining customers. What’s more, they’re embracing the use of social media as a marketing tool where they showcase their stores which are nothing short of grandeur. The effects that these changes have, especially the use of technology, on customer behavior are evident in a number of reports and studies.

Apart from aggressive newcomers to the industry, many renowned beauty brands also have modern, elegant headquarters that provide unforgettable experiences.

Let’s take a close look at some of the most outstanding ones.

1. Glossier

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If you had to describe this store’s interior using only one word, it would be immaculate. Its signature pink accent blends seamlessly with the white walls and concrete floor throughout the brand’s headquarters in Manhattan. The store takes up a whole floor and features a desk area that takes an open plan configuration, a kitchen, a powder room, meeting rooms, a reception and lounge area, and a central block of private offices which is what the whole place is based around. The furniture found in this store is also extraordinary. You’ll find designer pieces all over the store, including the bathroom. Nesting tables which are great for optimizing space and an antique cast-iron garden bench are just some of the amazing pieces of furniture found in the store.

There’s also a plethora of flora around the store that liven the whole place up; from office sized potted plants and flowers to collections of faux bushes. Glossier’s headquarters is truly one of a kind and it’s no wonder they have had a loyal fan base ever since their inception.

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