7 Beautifully Unique DIY Bed Stands ...

Looking for DIY Bed Stands that are unique? Then you have come to the right place because we have here some fun and unique DIY bed stands that you can copy or take inspiration from. Some of these DIY night stands are very easy and cheap to do. I bet you can make one (or two) right now using materials that you can find in your own home or that thrift shop near you.

1. Faux Birch Tree

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I have made a list here of crafty projects that you can do with logs and branches. I remember including one for making a birch tree side table. For this particular** DIY bed stand**, you will make a faux log table. The materials needed are concrete tube, plywood, gesso, paint, and a few others for completing the faux look. The result: a chic but rustic bed stand.


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