2. Rose Quartz

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Rose quartz has a beautiful pink tone. When used in healing, it is thought to open up the heart (not literally) and helps bring love and trust into our lives. This crystal is also linked with emotion and release. I have a tale about my experience with a piece of Rose Quartz. I went for a foot massage (my favorite pass-time) and winced in pain when my therapist placed pressure on a certain point on my foot. She then asked if I was going through any emotional turmoil and I resisted the urge to say ā€œIā€™m a woman, when am I never!ā€ I watched bemused as she 'cleansed' and 'recharged' her crystals and placed a piece of Rose Quartz on my chest. She then continued to apply pressure on the same point on my foot and lo and behold, the pain had gone. Yes I know, it's probably all psychological but I like to think there was some otherworldly reason behind it.

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