10 Beautiful Burlap Projects ...

Burlap Projects will help you give rustic details to your home. And if you're aiming for a bit of shabby chic look in your home, burlap is one of the best materials for you. It's also great because, as these beautiful burlap projects will show you, it has a multitude of uses. From furniture face lift to toys to party details, burlap can be your best friend. Excited to see the ideas? Well, let's get down to business and check out these fantastic burlap projects.

1. Anthropologie-inspired Ruffled Burlap Lamp

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Anything inspired by Anthropologie is fabulous in my book. And this particular amazing burlap project is an example of how this fabric can look chic instead of rustic. If you use light-colored burlap instead of the brownish ones, you'll get one beautiful lamp.

How-to: Mama Says Sew

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