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7 Beautiful Benefits of Adding More Color into Your Life ...

By Renee

There are some benefits of adding more color to your life which go beyond creating a space where every throw pillow you have looks at home. Whether it’s to create a more relaxing living environment or a more vibrant love life, the benefits of adding more color into your life will jump off the walls and into your life!

1 Seconds, Please?

The seldom-used dining room is mostly for company, while the couch spot directly in front of your TV is permanently marked with the shape of your posterior. On those occasions when others inspire you to break out the serving dishes and candle holders, having a splash of red, orange, or brown in the dining room may cause their appetites to take notice. Research has shown that one of the benefits of adding more color is your brain recognizes these shades as the cerebral dinner bell. So if the soufflé fell or you added salt instead of sugar to the flan, perhaps a red table runner might soften the blow to your guests’ palates!

2 Good Morning!

One of the best ways to wake up in the morning is to have your kitchen beat you to it. Having a lovely lemon yellow, a melodious melon, or a lifting lime greet you as you stumble to the coffee pot may make your eyes open that much more quickly. No need to redecorate completely either. A simple facelift to an accent wall, a backsplash update, or redefined trim work can do the trick.


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3 Get the Blues

If a restful night’s sleep is on your list, consider some calming blue hues for your bedroom. Not only is it easy to match everything from chocolate brown to mango with it, blue has been known to tell the brain’s receptors that this room is ideal for a snooze. Now, your noggin is talking your language!

4 Honestly, Truly, Sincerely

The next time you have a lunch hour and not much to do with it, take your sandwich to the local courthouse and watch what color of suits the lawyers are sporting. Chances are, the vast majority will be wearing blue or brown. These clothing colors have been shown to be the ones in which people are considered the most honest or trustworthy. Definitely something to remember the next time you find yourself in traffic court!

5 Ooh La La

If you want to make that head turn, start with turning up the red in your wardrobe. It’s a color that says you are here, want to be noticed, and are unafraid to meet the challenges ahead. Red is a color of confidence, sensuality, and excitement. That should catch his eye...and the rest of him!

6 In the Pink

Whether you are a Chanel aficionado, or a devout believer that pink is only good for stomach medicines, it’s time to reconsider the power of pink. It’s not just for schoolgirls anymore. From the manliest men to the biggest female power brokers, pink is a symbol of…whatever you want it to be. Not to mention, with all of the different shades available today, finding one to suit your skin color and mood should be a snap!

7 Back to Nature

They say that, for good reason, green signifies nature. If you’ve been feeling out of sorts with yourself, consider spending time with your green thumb, or perhaps your green blanket or tee shirt. While at one point you may have decided green is not for you, this is a thought you may want to re-think. Try it on for size on a lazy Sunday afternoon, and see how it feels, literally. You may be surprised to you see you in a different hue than you used to. (three times fast?)

Colors can change our mood, create a conversation, or reinvent our look. What is your favorite color and why?

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