7 Basic Tips for Girls Who Want to Stay Safeon Campus ...


I know, I know — there's only one person to blame for on-campus assault (the assailant, obvs) but there are still a few things you can do to help keep yourself and your friends safe while you're away at school.

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Watch What You Share Online

Most assaults involve people we already know, and sometimes, before they attack, they'll stalk you a bit online. So be careful what you share on social media - for example, class schedules and daily routines.


Watch Your Drink

I'm not going to say you shouldn't drink if you're of age. But I do have one bit of helpful beverage-related advice: keep your drink in your hands all night, and never, ever accept a drink from someone you don't already know and trust.


Stick Together

There's safety in numbers, so always stick with your friends. Don't let anyone single you out, and watch to make sure none of your friends leave the group, too.


You've Got to Earn It!

I'm a pretty open person, far too willing to trust everyone I meet, and it's cost me. Make new people earn your trust, rather than giving it to them right away.


Know Your Campus

Most campuses have blue "safety" lights and phones, and it's wise to know where these all are as you travel around the campus.


Stand up

If you see or hear anything that strikes you as odd, whether you're involved or not, say something - we girls have go to stick together, and campus assailants would have a much harder time of it if they knew we were all looking out for each other.


Trust Your Gut

We have women's intuition for a reason - to warn us when something isn't right! Don't ignore it! If your internal alarm bells are ringing, listen to them, and get away. Don't worry about offending the person giving you the creeps. Who cares what he thinks?

What other on-campus safety tips can you share?

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I would say don't accept a drink from anyone. Even if you know and trust them. That's how date rape happens.

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