7 Barbecue Activities for a Crowd That Everyone is Bound to Enjoy ...

While BBQ is the name of this culinary game, barbecues can be less about the food and more about the barbecue activities. When working with a crowd, no matter how diverse the group, these suggestions for barbecue activities are sure to bring everyone together for a smokin’ good time!

1. Cook It Together

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It can be very tempting to let the one with the magic touch take the apron strings in hand. However, regardless of how much of a novice they are in the pit, one of the most fun barbecue activities is to barbecue in a group. Not only will it split up the work, it also adds to the flow of culinary ideas. After all, there are no rules in BBQ!

2. BBQ-off

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Another great idea is to have everyone bring something of their own making. Have it agreed upon ahead of time what the winner will receive-perhaps a new set of grill tools, or better yet, a gift certificate to a local favorite barbecue joint! This is not anything fancy, just a bit of hands-on friendly competition.

3. Make It a Camping Trip

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If you’re going to go to the trouble of making a barbecue happen, why not turn it into a weekend event? Is there a local camping spot your group enjoys? Perhaps one of the attendees will offer up their backyard for tenting it (complete with indoor plumbing…always a plus!).

4. How about a Charity Event?

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There are dozens if not hundreds of charities in even the smallest of communities, which could all use your support. Why not offer up your people-power to organize a barbecue event for one of them? They’re not looking for superstar chefs, just a helping hand. Put out the word on social media and around town, contact local grocery stores to ask for food donations, and get all hands on the barbecue deck for an event to fill your stomach and heart with warmth.

5. New Faces, New Places

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How about a block party barbecue? Choose pork, beef, shrimp, or veggie. Remember, the only limits are your own imagination. Invite everyone to bring a dish of barbecue or one to complement it (think cole slaw, deviled eggs, fruit salad, etc). This alleviates a lot of the worry about what kind of food to bring, and also brings everyone together for a common BBQ cause!

6. Indoor Bbq?

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Yes, you can certainly barbecue outdoors in cold weather. While the results may well be worth the shivers, why put yourself through that?!? Instead, turn on the oven, the slow cooker, or the Dutch oven, and invite everyone in for a glass in front of the fireplace. Let the smell of the slow simmer wash over everyone’s appetites as they wait for the dinner bell to ring.

7. De-Stress Yourself!

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Is the thought of having people come over for a barbecue too much for you to handle right now? Does the thought of organizing a party at a park make your eyes spin like spirals? No worries. Barbecue joints are classically low-key places. Invite everyone to your favorite one, and depending on the size of the group and the establishment, make a reservation or reserve a space. Cooking and cleaning are non-issues, and the varying choices of the menu are sure to please all palates.

There are few foods that garner more all-around lip-licking than BBQ. What is the best idea for a barbecue you’ve ever had?

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