10 Badass Ancient Goddesses Tougher than Angelina Jolie's Movie Characters ...


If you're used to enjoying a nice cup of Gloria Jean's coffee while watching Tomb Raider on Netflix, get ready for your world to be shaken up. These ancient goddesses mean business, and they're a lot more intimidating than Lara Croft, Aeon Flux and The Black Widow put together.

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A really badass ancient goddess, this deity of love and war from Semitic mythology was a virgin famous for her ferocity in battle. She'd burn, cut or otherwise strike down practically any guy who ticked her off.


Anat, also known as Anath, was a prominent goddess in the ancient Near East, worshipped by the Canaanites, Phoenicians, and other Semitic peoples. She was often depicted as a fierce warrior, wielding a sword and shield, and was associated with both love and war. In addition to her ferocity on the battlefield, she was also known for her beauty and sensuality. However, she was a complex goddess, with a darker side as well. She was often associated with violence and destruction, and was known to exact revenge on those who wronged her or her worshippers. Despite her fearsome reputation, Anat was also seen as a protector of women and children, and was often invoked for fertility and childbirth. Her cult spread throughout the ancient Near East and her influence can still be seen in modern-day religions and cultures.



If you were impressed by the movie Thor, any film made about Hel, the most powerful goddess of Norse mythology will probably keep you glued to your seat. Daughter of Loki, she ruled over the underworld, Helheim, and had the job of judging the dead.


Mami Wata

In African mythology, Mami Wata is the most badass female deity you'll find. An embodiment of the spirit of water, she often appears as a mermaid with a serpent around her neck, and, according to ancient legends, she's volatile, seductive and highly dangerous – a lot like The Bride in Kill Bill.


Mami Wata is a prominent goddess in many West and Central African cultures, known for her power and beauty. She is often associated with fertility, healing, and protection, and is revered by both men and women. She is believed to have the ability to control water and the creatures that inhabit it, and is often depicted as a mermaid or a half-human, half-fish being. Her name translates to "Mother Water" and she is seen as a symbol of feminine strength and independence. Many believe that Mami Wata can bring both blessings and curses, making her a complex and intriguing deity in African mythology.



The goddess of wisdom and military victory in ancient Greek mythology, Athena was somewhat like Leeloo – the Supreme Being from the Fifth Element. Helping heroes like Hercules and Perseus and stopping global catastrophes from happening, she's smart, strong and resourceful, and you definitely want her on your side in a fight.



Tefnut was the goddess of moisture, dew and rain in ancient Egyptian mythology and the grandmother of Horus, Isis, Osiris and Set. Not only was her appearance incredibly scary (lion head and the body of a snake), but her rage caused droughts that could cause some serious damage in a place like Egypt.



In Finnish mythology, Louhi or Lovatar was a goddess that took many shapes and forms and gave birth to seven frightening diseases, including the plague and cancer. At one time she even tried to steal the Sun, the Moon and the stars.



Also known as Tin Hau, Mazu was the goddess who protected sailors from pirates and the dangers of the sea in ancient China. She was hailed as a miracle worker and believed to have had supernatural powers.



The Mayan goddess of childbirth and war was a baddass ancient female deity. She's often portrayed with jaguar claws and ears, and she wears a serpent as a headdress. Mayan women even founded an island dedicated to her worship.



Hera was probably one of the most vengeful goddesses ever, especially when it came to payback time for Zeus' many affairs with mortals. She was a lifelong foe of Hercules – Zeus' illegitimate son – and turned the queen of Libya, Lamia, into a horrible monster who ate her children, just because Zeus loved her.



Known as the “Chaos Monster”, Tiamat was depicted as a feathered dragon in Babylonian mythology, and she led an army of demons against the gods, after they had killed her beloved Apsu due to his defiance. The gods then split Tiamat's body in two, creating the sky and the Earth.

Lara Croft is certainly an impressive female role model these days, but you have to agree that she will never be a match for these truly badass goddesses. Which of them would you want on your side when you get into trouble?


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And we mustn't forget Kali/Durga.

If you could, may you please do an article on goddesses of nature? Thanks!

So interesting !!!

who are the two starcrossed lovers seperatated along with satan & zuess? north pole & antarctica

What about Artermis? Or Demeter?

Thanks again A.J. :)

what were the namez of the 2 starcrossed lovers placed in antarctica & north pole

There are some really interesting images of these goddesses. Would have been nice to see them in this article

Cool! And the title was very funny!!

Kate, demeter was a kind goddess if im not wrong

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