Bad Habits Preventing Your Success ...


Bad Habits Preventing Your Success ...
Bad Habits Preventing Your Success ...

There are lots of bad habits that prevent success. There is a quote that says, "habits can either make you or break you." There are 5 bad habits that prevent success.

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Lots of people skip meals, usually breakfast. They are missing important nutrients which they could be getting if they ate some food every few hours. Your body is a temple and if you're taking care of it, you're preparing yourself for success. Part of that is eating enough. On the other hand...

Overeating is an epidemic that lots of people face. Most of them eat fast food, which helps cause obesity. It's unhealthy. Unhealthy people have less of a chance to succeed. Eat clean.



Getting up early is good but if you don't get enough sleep, your body and mind will switch off in the middle of the day. Sleeping differs for some people. It's 8 hours for some; it's 6 or 10 hours for others. Make sure you get that sleep to feel comfortable during the day.

When oversleeping you become lazier and you wake up tired. Things were moving, you get emails, phone calls and can't catch up.



Most of us always give this excuse, "I am too busy to exercise, I have no time." But in reality, we have that extra 30 minutes which is enough for each day. If you can't go to a fitness club, go for a walk, go play football or go up and down the stairs. Make sure you exercise at least 5 times a week. Exercising makes your body ready, it motivates you.



It's not bad to ask for help or question things. Don't show you are a weak person. Also don't be cocky. It's OK to be confident, but don't show off.



If you're comparing yourself all the time, when are you going to be yourself? Be focused on yourself. You know your weak and strong sides. When you are comparing, you may have some hate, jealousy, anger in your heart. Be a friend of yourself. Don't let negative feelings catch up with you.



If you play video games, watch movies, hang up with your friends and waste most of your time, you're going to destroy success. This is a bad habit. Use your time each day to learn something more. Instead of looking at 2 - 3 movies one by one, look at educational videos.

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