7 Baby Animals to Look Forward to This Spring ...

I was lucky enough to live in the country when I was younger and every spring, baby animals could be seen at the various farms. At one point I even had baby lambs and baby ducks, which were absolutely adorable and so fun to take care of. I know I am not the only one who thinks there is nothing cuter than fuzzy baby animals. They melt your heart, and you can’t help but look at them with big eyes. While all baby animals are darling and loveable, I think these baby animals are especially sweet.

1. Lambs

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Having had lambs when I was young, I am very fond of these fuzzy creatures. Lambs are generally born as twins, and they weigh up to 9 pounds. They can walk shortly after being born; however, they are a little wobbly at first. Watching new born lambs wobble as they figure out how to use their legs is so delightful. Baby lambs drink their mother’s milk for four months. When lambs are orphaned, they can be bottle fed. The lambs I had were orphans, and the most amusing part of caring for them was bottle feeding. They would get so excited! While I could talk about how cute lambs are forever, there are many other adorable baby animals that deserve attention.

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