7 Awkward Situations We All Lived through ...


We’ve all had our own share of awkward situations at some point in our lives and for some reason we never know how to deal with them. Mostly because there isn’t a way to deal with them, you just have to soak up the embarrassment and the awkwardness, laugh it out and move on with your day. So if you still can’t get over one of your awkward situations, hopefully this list of the most common ones will help you relate!

1. Waving at Someone You Think You Know

This is one of the most common awkward situations that I am pretty sure the entire human population goes through. You think you got the human communication down but when something like this happens, you just want to hide you face and run. Here you are walking down the street and see someone wave straight at you, so you wave back because it might be someone you know. However you slowly realize by the awkward look on their face that it wasn’t meant for you but for the person behind you. Or what about those moments when you run behind a person, tap his or her shoulder and say hello, only to realize that you have never seen them before in your life! Yeah, awkward!

Grabbing a Pole on Public Transportation
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