2. Structure and Organisation

High-scoring essays all have one thing in common. The reader can jump around the different points quickly and easily. There’s a simple structure in place which anyone can use to navigate to the right part of the essay.

In a research project, you would include a contents page in your booklet. In an essay, add some subtitles to break things up. Most tutors have no problems with implementing subtitles, although occasionally some assignments might prohibit this.

These are the ‘hard’ structural tools to use. Even taking these away shouldn’t make it impossible to navigate the piece. The writing itself should have a logical structure where one point cleanly links into another.

During the planning stage, don’t just plan the main structure. Plan the structure of each individual paragraph. Make sure each paragraph has a clear point stated, followed by evidence to back it up. Finally, link it back to the title or through to the next point.