6 Awesome Tips for Taking Sexy Selfies ...


6 Awesome Tips for Taking Sexy Selfies  ...
6 Awesome Tips for Taking Sexy Selfies  ...

For as long as people have thought to turn a camera on themselves and smile, selfies have been a thing! Of course, gone are the days when you had to click the top of a disposable camera and wait a week for the results. Nowadays we are all ready to take and delete as many selfies as we want thanks to your smartphones! However, that front-facing camera isn’t always your best friend. Sometimes it makes you look worse than you do in person, and that is a real kick in the teeth! Don’t worry though, I’ve got all the information you need to succeed with your pics! Here are six great tips for taking sexy selfies.

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Take Your Time

You want your selfie to look effortlessly sexy, like you have been caught off guard, but that doesn’t mean that you should take it in an instant! Take some time to focus your mood and get in the right frame of mind. Bring out your inner sex goddess, experiment with angles and lighting. It is absolutely the case that the most natural looking photos take the most time to frame!


Find Your Sexy

You need to spend some time finding out what exactly it is that makes you feel sexy in the first place. Do slow jam tunes get you in the mood? Do you always feel most frisky after working out? Perhaps first thing in the morning is best for you. Whatever it is, make the most of it by taking pictures of yourself in the aftermath or even during these identified activities!


Look for Inspiration

Take a look through Instagram and find selfies of other people that you would describe as being sexy. What are they doing that you haven’t tried yet? Try to identify what it is that makes their photos so sexy, and then try to replicate them in your own. After all, that’s what models are there for, inspiration!



Practise makes perfect! Try out lots of different poses and looks in the mirror before you even think about getting your phone out. The more familiar you can become with your own face and looks, the better the angles you will be able to create when posing for your front-facing camera.



Don’t do too much primping for your photos, because selfies tend to look more sexy when they evoke a sort of ‘natural’ vibe. I’m not saying don’t wear any makeup or anything like that, but try to look more like you are going out for a casual evening than going to prom!



You’ve got all that storage on your phone for a reason! Take plenty of snaps of yourself to get comfortable with the angles and the lighting that you have to deal with. The more you take, the better chance there is of you taking one that looks really great when it counts. Fill that camera roll up!

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