6 Awesome 😎 Tips for Taking Sexy 😘 Selfies 🀳 ...


For as long as people have thought to turn a camera on themselves and smile, selfies have been a thing! Of course, gone are the days when you had to click the top of a disposable camera and wait a week for the results. Nowadays we are all ready to take and delete as many selfies as we want thanks to your smartphones! However, that front-facing camera isn’t always your best friend. Sometimes it makes you look worse than you do in person, and that is a real kick in the teeth! Don’t worry though, I’ve got all the information you need to succeed with your pics! Here are six great tips for taking sexy selfies.

1. Take Your Time

You want your selfie to look effortlessly sexy, like you have been caught off guard, but that doesn’t mean that you should take it in an instant! Take some time to focus your mood and get in the right frame of mind. Bring out your inner sex goddess, experiment with angles and lighting. It is absolutely the case that the most natural looking photos take the most time to frame!

Find Your Sexy
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