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All of you Taurus out there asked us to do a post on some of the top characteristics of a Taurus that you should expect when you are dealing with this particular sign. Well ladies, I've pull together all sorts of unique, different and awesome characteristics of a Taurus that you might not know! So, if you are a Taurus and you are wondering why you hate change or what your lucky flower is, take a look at my top 7 characteristics of a Taurus that are awesome!

1. Very Loyal to Their Friends

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Did you know that one of the cool characteristics of a Taurus is that they are extremely loyal to friends? If you are looking for a BFF and are strictly going by the signs, find yourself a Taurus! They will never leave you! These signs are known to stay with their friends and loved ones forever and will never betray you!

2. Has a Lot of Patience

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One of the awesome characteristics of a Taurus is that they have a ton of patience. If you have a lot of problems understanding something and you are looking to have someone explain it to you, it's best if a Taurus does, because they actually have a ton of patience for that. They also are the 'know what to do' type of people. They don't often worry or fret over anything. They are extremely stable and extremely stoic!

3. Lucky Flower: Daffodils & Daisies

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If you are a Taurus and you aren't sure exactly what flowers are your 'lucky' flowers, these are it! These flowers will bring you luck and can brighten your mood in an instant! They are flowers that are happy, never have changed and are a lot like a lot of the characteristics of a Taurus!

4. Lucky Day: Friday

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The awesome thing about each and every sign , is that they each have their own day which is just so lucky for them. The Taurus sign actually has taken claim to Friday! I'm a Pisces and am so jealous of this awesome lucky day! So, if you think that you need a little 'sign' power or you are feeling down, just wait for Friday and you'll feel better – and maybe get lucky in any challenges!

5. Stubborn but Compassionate

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A lot of the characteristics of a Taurus all revolve around being stable and sturdy. While you might think that a Taurus is completely stubborn and unwilling to change anything, they are super compassionate and really know how to interact with anyone. It takes a very long time for a Taurus to get angry with someone, but they do have a bad temper.

6. Dislikes Change

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You knew it was coming Taureans didn't you? You dislike change. Face it, it is not something that you are able to change, it's ingrained in you. But, Taurus signs, everything changes and while you eventually go with the flow, it does take you a lot longer than other signs. This is one characteristic of a Taurus that can hinder them in a lot of ways.

7. Very Reliable

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Finally, the last characteristic of a Taurus we're going to talk about is just how reliable they are. When a Taurus says that they are going to do something, they will do it and you know that they will do it. They are so dedicated to their word and so dedicated to their friends and family.

Well girls, there you have it! All of the different characteristics of a Taurus that can be good and bad! So, what other characteristics of a Taurus did I miss? Any?

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