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4 Awesome Article Formats to Get the Most Readers ...

By Laura

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Important Info:

Ladies (and gents), we've found that our readers are interested in lots of topics, from fashion to fitness, from makeup to movies, from love to health and everything in between. Basically, any topic you feel strongly about and that's not offending to other people will do extremely well.

Another pointer - through years of experience we've learnt that AllWomenStalk readers like to see articles in a few particular formats. We highly recommend using a list format for your article for optimum performance of your content. Think 10+ points for maximum impact.

But as with all rules - there's always place for innovation, so, your creativity is the most welcome! Who knows, maybe you'll invent a format that will just go viral! Listen to yourself and you'll make the right choice for your article.

1 Classic "advice" Posts

This Format Features a stellar top photo, an intro to capture the reader’s attention, then sub-headings with a little text underneath, and finally a strong finish with a killer question at the end.

This "advice" Format is far and away our readers' favorite type of article, so we recommend starting here!

Here’s an example of an advice post: 10 Safety Rules 🆘 to Dating 💑 That Could save 🙏🏼 Your Life 😧 ... @Lucy

2 Smashing Video Posts

This format has the same structure as the "advice" post, only with a video to go with each point. A list of makeup tutorials with videos is an example of a video post.

The structure is almost identical to an advice post, only with a video under each sub-heading to go along with the text or no text option, if videos are self-explanatory.

Here’s an example of a video post: Beginner's Eyebrow Shaping 🖌 Tips for Girls Wanting Perfect 👌🏼 Brows ... @Allison

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3 Super Engaging GIF or MEME Posts

Especially when writing a funny post, GIFs can really drive a point home... and that's why our readers love our GIF posts! The GIF posts are just like the video and photo posts, only with — you guessed it! — a GIF or MEME under each sub-heading.

Check or Instagram for millions of GIFs and MEMEs to go along with your text. Love and lifestyle articles do extremely well, when accompanied with relevant GIFs and MEMEs.

Here’s an example of a GIF post: 8 Classic Ways 👌🏼 to Make Someone Fall 😍 Hard in Love 💞 with You ... @Allison

4 Awesome Product Posts

Our readers want to know what to buy, and where to buy it, and that's the gist of a product post. How to format a product post? Start with an intro for the post, and then suggest the items, giving the name of the item, the photo of the item, some text about why it’s fantastic, then a cost and link to each item.

Here’s an example of a product post: 11 Illuminating 💫 Highlighters 🖌 for Girls 👩🏽👩🏿👩🏼👩🏻 Who Want a Radiant Complexion 🙌🏼 ... @Keyaani

For more examples, pleas check out our allwome app, or website and our Instagram @allwomenstalk for top photos and illustrations.

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