Are You as Adventurous as Social Media Makes You Seem? ...


According to a recent study, a lot of people are using social media to appear more adventurous than they are in real life. Ford recently surveyed 1,000 people ( and nearly one third of them admitted to doing something for the sole purpose of posting it online. Does that sound familiar to you? This study by Ford was part of a larger program called ICON50, encouraging Americans to โ€œrekindle their sense of adventure.โ€

The survey also discovered that Americans are now way less adventurous than ever. Nearly half of the people surveyed said that they prefer to listen to "the voice in their head," telling them not to try anything new. They cited expense, fear of failure, and embarrassment as reasons why they choose to keep things as is. Are those three reasons holding YOU back from trying anything new?

Have you ever done something or gone somewhere JUST to post it online and show all your followers how "cool and adventurous" you are?

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