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Are You an Introvert? Here's Why People Find You Incredibly Attractive ...

By Corina

Even though, according to the popular stereotype, introverts are thought of as being awkwardly shy, disinterested or aloof, they are also perceived as being very attractive. They don’t always wear their emotions on their sleeve and they are not the life and soul of the party, but they do seem very mysterious, pensive, confident and interesting. In this extrovert-centric culture, sometimes the introvert’s charm can pass unnoticed but they are actually some of the most fascinating and intriguing people out there. Here are 7 reasons why introverts are incredibly attractive, even though they don’t normally put their awesomeness on display for everyone to see:

1 They Are Mysterious

Most people find introverts incredibly attractive because they always seem so mysterious and intriguing. You never know what goes through their head, so you often see them as a challenge, and who doesn’t like a good challenge after all? This trait that they possess makes them fascinating but intimidating as well, and sometimes people avoid talking to them.

2 They Are Friendly

Once you get to know them, you’ll discover that introverts are actually some of the nicest and friendliest people out there. They are easy to be around since they are relaxed individuals who are naturally chilled out and loving. Even if they don’t like crowds, introverts thrive in small groups.


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3 They Are Good Listeners

They are not only preoccupied with what’s on their mind; they always make time for their family, friends and loved ones. They show genuine interest in other people and they create stronger connections and healthier relationships with others. They usually listen more than they speak and they give you their full attention.

4 They Are Deep Thinkers

You know who is really attractive? People with whom you can have real conversations, like, let’s say, introverts. When they say something, you can bet that they carefully thought about that subject, that they formed an opinion and that they carefully chose the words they wanted to use.

5 They Have More Intimate Connections

You are really lucky if an introvert is allowing you to step into their world. It means that they really do think that you are a very special individual so they are connecting with you beyond a superficial level. They often display a level of intimacy that not many people are capable of.

6 They Are a Challenge

Everyone loves a good challenge. Introverts are really attractive people because they know how to appear challenging. They also know how to make the reward worth fighting for and even bigger than most people can imagine, since they are remarkable, caring and unique individuals.

7 They Take Care of Themselves

Introverts are independent individuals who always look after themselves and their loved ones. They usually don’t like drawing unwanted attention to themselves, so they always try to look nice and stylish. They smell good and you’ll often see them with their hair neat and styled and wearing clothes that perfectly fit them.

Introverts are very loyal, they are easy to be around, they are mindful of what they say and they are wonderful people with rich hidden depths. Do you find introverts attractive? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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