Are You Addicted to the Internet?


We joke about how much time we waste just browsing. We pop onto Facebook for a β€œquick” update and we’re still there three hours later. The internet can bring so much to our life, but it can also take over. So, how do you tell if it has gone too far and that you indeed have an internet addiction?

1. You Forget about How Much Time You've Spent Online

Do you often find yourself online longer than you intended? Do you notice a few minutes turn into a few hours? You need help! Not being able to keep track of time online is among the biggest signs you're addicted to the internet. It becomes even more difficult to prioritize your time when you don't have a busy schedule. It doesn't look that serious in the beginning, but you end up getting in a state where you have no self-control to stop using the internet when you want to.

You Often Forget about Other Things
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