Are We Just Fiddling While Rome Burns?


Are We Just Fiddling While Rome Burns?
Are We Just Fiddling While Rome Burns?

It seems we are at a point where the world is in trouble. Animals are facing extinction, climate change is seen as a very real threat, and the population of the human race is exponentially growing on a finite planet with limited resources. It seems there are many red alerts blaring out at us and yet is it really changing anything?

One big problem seems to be that we have all become too comfortable. As much as we are informed about the dangers of plastic, the other options seem to be either too expensive, not available yet, or way too inconvenient. Even with those who are committed enough to take on the challenge of zero waste, it seems the problem of worldwide plastic use eclipses their many efforts.

There are some good news stories and many steps in the right direction. For example, there is an invention being sent out to tackle the 80000 tons of plastic in the Pacific ocean. It is claimed it will take 5 years to eat through about half of it. This was a vision of a Dutch teenager and a possible solution to one of the terrible problems currently facing the planet.

Some people believe we have already stepped over the tipping point, while some doubt that climate change is even a result of human actions at all. It can all be depressing.

When young people ask about why we are not doing anything about it, why we are still mass producing plastic and using fossil fuels such as coal, it is difficult to give an adequate answer. It seems to be connected with economics and household budgets, and technology.

The more people embrace green energy and products, the cheaper they will become. Why are there still so many plastic bottles produced and used every day? Why are plastic products in their trillions ending up in the ocean, a place where they are a threat to wildlife? Why are plastic straws still so prevalent? Landfill is finite, the Earth is finite. Yet all companies push for exponential growth.

It seems only the elite can afford to live a truly green lifestyle, however, this is often countered by flying private jets around the world. How will the future generations judge our action or inaction towards environmental threats right now?

Will history make it look as if we were just fiddling while Rome burned to the ground?

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