2. Facebook

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Facebook is not just useful to feed your social media addiction, dear! It is one of the best apps for getting information out fast to other people, and for finding out people’s birthdays. I personally love using it to help me remember all the birthdays of my friends and family, which I never seem to remember! Facebook will send me a nice little alert every morning and tell me anyone who is having a birthday so I don't forget. It is also a great way to reach out to those in need and ask others for help if you ever have a question that you want to send out to a large group of people, such as "Does anyone know where I can get a great computer fix-it guy?" It is also a fantastic app to find old friends or classmates, and meet new people. Facebook is also great for scheduling events, meetings or dinner with people. You can also sync all your pictures anonymously from your phone to your Facebook account and link them anytime you want. They also automatically show up your PC when you do this from your phone. I use Facebook everyday and though it isn’t essential, it definitely makes my life easier. Facebook is 100% free.

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