7. Way of Life

Way of Life

Price: Free

If you’re looking to break some bad habits or need help forming some good ones, this app will give you everything you need! It has a very, very easy tracking system that allows you to update in less than a minute every day. You can choose as many habits as you’d like to work on at once, then you choose how many days per week you’re looking to do (or not do) your tasks.

Once everything is set up, you simply tap the app then check whether you did or did not complete your goal for the day. The app keeps track of how many days per week, month and year you have followed through with your goals. For example, if my goal was “Do the dishes every day” then every day I would get on the app and tap the green button if I did the dishes or the red button if I didn’t. It holds you accountable to yourself for what you do or don’t do.

I know that I haven’t come close to listing all of the extremely helpful apps out there that help us achieve the goals in our everyday lives. Help me out, what apps do you use to stay on track?

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