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7 Amazing Ways to Help a Charity for an Instant Feel Good Boost ...

By Alison

There are so many more ways to help a charity than by giving cash. While charities always need to raise funds, they also need many other kinds of support - and in these cash-strapped times, we may not be able to afford to give money. So how can you support charities if you can't afford to donate cash? Here are some of the many ways to help a charity …

1 Give Your Time

One of the most valuable ways to help a charity is by volunteering. Most charities need a lot of people to help out, so that they can continue to provide a much-needed service. Without volunteers, they would be unable to keep going. So if you have a few hours spare every week - or even just once in a while - there is bound to be a charity that could use your help.

2 Spread the Word

Some charities are very well known, but many are small, local organisations who need to promote their work. With social media, it's now easier to get the word out there. Use your social media account to spread the word. You can promote a charity's work, share a campaign or forward a plea for help. If your friends see your posts and share or respond, the charity's name is getting out there.

3 Donate Goods for Sale

Are you clearing out your home or closet? Give your unwanted goods to a charity that has a thrift store so that they can use them to raise funds. Make sure that your items are in good condition and fit for resale. Smaller organisations without a thrift store may also want goods to sell at a fair.

4 Fostering Animals

Do you love animals? If you have some space in your home, fostering a cat or dog is a brilliant way to help out. Animal rescues and shelters need foster homes so that they can save animals from kill shelters and the street. It's incredibly rewarding to see a foster pet find a forever home. You could also train assistance animals if you have lots of free time.

5 Organise an Event

Are you good at organising? Why not organise an event to raise funds for your favorite charity? There are so many different themes for a fundraising event; you could try something like a pamper evening, concert or a fashion show. You'll need a suitable venue that will be willing to offer the space free in return for bar takings or publicity.

6 Donate Items for Use

Charities may also want items that they can make practical use of, and not just items to sell. Homeless charities could use blankets, clothing and maybe food donations. Animal shelters always need old towels and sheets for bedding, food, dishes and toys. Children's charities could use craft materials. So before you throw items in the trash, see if a local charity could use it.

7 Administration

When thinking about volunteering, most people think about helping out directly. But there's a lot of work going on behind the scenes as well, and volunteers are also needed for these tasks. You could help maintain the website, work on accounts or manage the volunteers.

You can help support a charity with your time or by giving money, but there are other valuable ways to help out as well. Charities need support in so many different ways that there is bound to be a way to offer your support. Are you a volunteer, and what do you do?

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