7 Adventurous Events to Attend for an Exciting Experience ...

If you feel like life is getting too ordinary for you, it’s time to take part in some of the most adventurous events! You might not even know it, but some of the most exciting events are taking place right in your area. Whatever your interests are, you will definitely find something that fits your needs. If you need some ideas, here are 7 adventurous events you can attend for an exciting experience!

1. Improv Everywhere

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You might be familiar with Improv Everywhere viral videos; it’s an NYC based prank collective which plans crazy and adventurous events that cause chaos and joy in public places. Some of the things that they have done are the Black Tie Beach event, in which hundreds of people dressed in formal clothing and went to the beach; the MP3 Experiment, in which people had to follow directions on a recording; and the Human Mirror event, in which people dressed exactly the same and mirrored each other on the streets of New York. What’s amazing about this event is that anyone can participate!

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