Adult Only Games like Cards against Humanity That Will Make Any Party a Blast ...

When you hear the phrase “adult-only” about a game, what comes to mind? When I started writing this, the first game that came to mind was Cards Against Humanity and then I started to wonder what other **games like Cards Against Humanity **were out there for the adult only crowd, because let's face it-as much as we like to share with our families, sometimes the grownups need something that is just for them. To that end, here are some really interesting adult-only card and board games.

A word of warning: these games are very blatant and could be offensive to some people. You definitely don't want to play them with your grandma or parish priest in the room. In case you're interested, I've included a link with more information and buying options.

1. Cards against Humanity

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You know a game isn't for kids when the tagline is “the game for horrible people”. It's basically a much-dirtier version of “Apples to Apples”-the judge turns over a subject card and the others play the card from their hand they think best matches it. We usually just pick the one that makes us laugh the most, but that's up to you. The instructions say that “the person who pooped last” is the one who should judge first, but I doubt anyone actually does that; we just pick someone. I could do without the cards about God and Jesus, but the others are hilarious. It gets really weird, really quickly. There are a lot of expansion packs you can buy, as well as “unofficial” ones like Crabs Adjust Humidity.

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