7 Adorable Ideas to Decorate Your Desk ...

Most of us spend more time at our desks than we do at our own homes, and I have seen some boring desks! Why not spruce up your desk with some adorable office supplies? We spend time and money decorating our homes, so we should definitely take some time to decorate the area at which we spend most of our day. These ideas to decorate your desk with adorable office supplies will brighten your mood and make work so much more fun!

1. Mini Cloud Cork-Board Set

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Price: $20 at urbanoutfitters.com
Cork boards are a great way to keep your desk organized and uncluttered. Iā€™m sure Iā€™m not the only one with sticky notes and print outs covering my desktop! Instead, pin these reminders up on these adorable cork boards that are shaped like clouds. This set includes 4 mini cloud shaped cork boards that hang on the wall next to your desk.

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