7 Adorable Animals That You Might Not Be Aware of ...

There are a lot of adorable animals out there, so maybe cats aren't the cutest critters on the internet after all. They could face some fierce competition from wild felines with features that make them stand out from your average pampered puss. There are also squee-worthy rodents that kitties would view as potential meals and animals that look like hybrids of some of our favorite fuzzy critters. So be sure that you don't make your cat jealous while awwwing over these adorable animals:

1. Sand Cat

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These adorable animals that resemble house cats with over-sized ears hang out in the deserts of northern Africa and southwest and central Asia. They probably chose to make their homes in these inhospitable areas because they want to avoid being snuggled to death by smitten humans. The small wildcats with short legs might look cute, but they're hardy little critters that can survive in environments that can be extremely hot or extremely cold. They're also solitary creatures that can live for months without water. However, they do have to get a little liquid from the tiny animals that they hunt.

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