8 Ace Reasons to Learn French ...

Learning French is an excellent idea. It´s a beautiful language, and it´s not that difficult to pick up the basics. If you were put off learning French in school, it´s time to change your mind and take a class, or get hold of a teach-yourself course. Here are some ace reasons to learn French …

1. Beautiful Language

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French is such a beautiful language. It sounds so poetic and musical. Now, if you like watching French films with subtitles, wouldn´t it be nice if you could understand some of the dialogue as well? And imagine meeting a Frenchman and being able to communicate with him in his language … that´s well worth learning French for!

2. Visiting

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Having a basic grasp of the language makes it so much easier when you are visiting a country. In fact, it´s a common courtesy and will be appreciated by locals who are exasperated by dealing with monolingual tourists. Plus you´ll find it easier to navigate your way around and order meals.

3. Moving

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Are you moving to a French-speaking country for work or personal motives? This is one of the best reasons to learn French. It will be essential for your daily life, and allow you to communicate with people rather than just with other expats.

4. Culture

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Learning a language allows you to get closer to the culture and appreciate it much more. Language and culture are so closely intertwined that not understanding the former keeps you at a distance from the latter. Learning French gives you closer access to the country´s rich culture and history.

5. Original Texts

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Reading a book is always best in the original language. Ever heard the phrase ´lost in translation?´ This is because however good a translator is, the author´s meaning can be difficult to get across. So learning French allows you to read the wonderful literature without needing a translation.

6. Intellectual Exercise

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Do you feel as though your brain needs a good workout? Learning French is an excellent method of mental exercise. We need to use our brains and keep them active; by learning a language, which involves retaining new information, your mind gets that workout.

7. Communication

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In this modern world of global communication, we are much more likely to encounter people from different nations. With some knowledge of French, you will be able to communicate with people from France, Switzerland, French-speaking Canada …

8. Business

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Languages are a useful asset to have on your CV. It´s a misconception that everyone around the world speaks English, so even conversational French can be useful in many jobs. It can help you when dealing with overseas clients, or even boost your chances of promotion or a job overseas.

Of all these reasons to learn French, some are intellectual while others are practical. I´ve been studying the language on and off for decades, and love watching (and listening to) French films. Have you ever tried learning French, and did you struggle or find it easy?

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