7 Absolutely Brilliant Uses for Post-It Notes ...

My dorm room is currently coated in colorful notes because the way I look at it, there are many uses for Post-It Notes. When I was little, I never really appreciated them, collecting stack after stack of unused notes. Now, I can’t seem to get enough of them. I keep them in my bags, on my desk, and in my drawers so wherever I am, I can take advantage of the myriad of uses for Post-It Notes.


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The die-hard reader in me would love to read each book straight through, but my with busy schedule and chaotic lifestyle that’s nearly impossible. One of the many uses for Post-It Notes includes acting as a bookmark. The adhesive attaches to the page you are on, making it easy to remember which side of the book it was when you open it up. Also, they do not fall out as easily as some of the store-bought bookmarks. It may not have a picture of a cat or the outline of Hogwarts but keep in mind which works best.

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